Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire (online)

What lays in waiting

After the death of the Carrion King, Bill the Rogue found a hidden switch that opened a passage beneath the House of the Beast. The adventurers went down the stairs to see where their curiousity leads. reaching the bottem of the stairs, the lever upstairs was tripped again and as the stairs went back up a voice said to the adventurers, " Bring me the scroll of (kakticunt? kunticak?, i don’t know what you guys called it) and I will let you out!" Now the party had a purpose. Exploring farther in the cave, they didn’t get far. A giant stone and metal cage stopped their progress. “How do we open it?” asked Sir Niem.

“Should i hit it?” squeaked the little one known as Bill
“Sure.” sighed Sacul
Bill hit the cage support and in doing so made the structure shake and rumble a little before stopping. Sir Neim thought it would do something if he hit the bell shaped strucure. The ground beneath the cage and the structure rumbled, but nothing else happened. So Saed, Niem, and Bill decide to swing on the cage like gorillas in a cage, while Saed threw poo( or thought about it). Sacul on the other hand was the smartest, clear headed on at the time, and he noticed the structure was earth so why not cast an earth spell. In doing so a pit open up and Mad Mardigan, Sir Niem, and Bill fell to the bottem almost dying. Dusting off themselves and looking around, The cave below was filled with gold? Illusionary and deceptive undead creatures attacked the adventurers as they drooled over the gold. quickly slaying them they moved on. the gold disappeared into a shallow pool of green slime. Others trying to avoid the slime and jump from rock to rock, Mad Mardigan wades right through it laughing as he splashed in the water. gatherign together before the door ahead, Bill opened it and all watched in shock as to what was waiting in the room.



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