Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire (online)

The King is Dead

After The terrible, but victorious assault and banishment of the Church of the Living God, Saed and Niem rejoined Sacul and his new filthy barbarian friend. Having cured Sacul of his Lycanthropy, the Group traveled back to the city of Kelmerane to see Almah.

Almah has giving the group (Group Flying Kickapow) new orders to finish the Gnoll war and slay the King of the Gnolls. And so with the group at its biggest strength ever, six members, they set off.
The House of the Beast was the destination at the top of the mountain range. Arriving at the site, the group sent Bill into the courtyard to scout ahead. Upon returning, Bill drew a map of the area. It looked fantastic….but only to Bill. To the rest of them, it looked like a child was drawing a plate of spagetti. With this amazing recon info the party ventured into the courtyard. Using his intellect, Mad Mardigan the barbarian set his “trap” for a group of gargoyles. It the sense that it got them to attack him, but also it alarmed a large number of trogladites. Battle was had, good times were enjoyed, and all enemies were slain.
Traveling into the troglodites campsite, the adventures killed everything that moved. Only the cheif and his two shamans remained, but the adventures made a “promise” to leave him alone and in peace.
Delving into the Kings lair, Bill had more “amazing maps” to show everyone. Killing gnoll after gnoll things were going well. Saed even got so into his “battle flow” that he cleaved a slave in twain. then proceded to claim them as his own. Niem soon put a stop to this, one because he was being a tyrant and two he did not a a flag. The next biggest challange was a giant spider, one that a half-ogre had warned them NOT! to go into that room, but they did anyway.
Stumbling into the darkness. The group walked straight into the Kings throne room, and the king himself. An Epic duel of fates took place. Two epic duels actually. One was the Carrion King, a huge monstrous gnoll cleaving the adventures with his greataxe against 5 adventures….. and Saed and a …..normal gnoll shaman.
After the battle, the king lay dead. The barbarian screaming on top of the corpse before collapsing from exhaustion, Bill clinging to life, Sacul mourning the loss of Zula the honorable monk, Sir Niem tending to bills wounds, and Saed pondering why it took him so long to kill one simple gnoll.
With the king dead they searched the throne room for treasures, clues of other news, or anything interesting. What they found was a hidden lever that opened stairs that lead below the House of the Beast.


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The King is Dead

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