Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire (online)

Sacul what are you doing with that halfling in your mouth
the problem with wereleopards

with the town safe there was much celibrating at the Battle dome (now called thunder dome). Music and dancing and a little bit more behind closed doors. after a few days Almah started giving tasks to people to start organizing clean up and rebuild the city. Garvel left for Ketapesh the next day to bring workers and traders for the new ciry. it was easily seen that Kelmarane will be a glorious city once more. you three decide to stay here in town and help rebuild it. you are placed in charge of rebuilding the hotel next to the bridge into town. Also Almah tells you to keep a watchful eye on Undrella for she is still not trusted, yet she has kept her word.

a week goes by as your days are filled with organizing guards (in Garvels absent) and helping carpenters when possible. When the full moon arives Sacul has terrible dreams and a deadly Leopard is seen throughout the town causing chaos it killed 2 halflings before it ran off into the desert.

Sacul awoke in the middle of the desert throwing up what looks like chunks of beef and blood. having no idea what happened last night he wanders back into town with nothing but scraps of clothes. You find that everyone of importance has gathered in Thunder Dome, Sacul after getting some clothes back at the hotel, approaches and is quicky aprehended. Before Saed or Niem could say anything, Almah sends him away to jail. Saed and Niem plead with Almah and a deal is struck. They are to leave town and not come back until they prove that Sacul has been cured of his affliction. The three heroes are escorted out of town but not before they were able to gather their belongings and not before Zasroran was able to give Sacul some potions to hold off the change. Garvel meeting them on the otherside of the bridge shakes Saed’s hand and gives him a note in the process. you feel the stares at your back and the shame in your gut as you walk away.

after walking for about 100 yards Saed reads the note out loud.

“Seek Mehriban at the temple of Sarenrae for she may be your only hope”

What now sucka!

So with the Werepanther defeated. you guys step out of the room and clear your heads. your badly hurt but the temple is still not fully explored. do you head home or go check out the rest of the temple

The Hermit and a horse

Few understand the mysteries of the All-Seeing Eye, for their path is one of madness. Worshiping
Nethys, a god driven to court destruction by his own dire knowledge, the priests skirt insanity as
they pierce the veils of ignorance sheltering humanity from secrets the mind cannot fathom. Even
the sect’s patriarchs cannot truly understand the depths of their god’s desires, nor do they wish to. They leave such questions to the Nethysian Seers, prophets driven to gibbering dementia by the
visions burned into their minds. To unlock the inner depths of magic is to risk one’s soul.
—The Lore Scrolls of Muayid’im

Tales of strange happenings, ravenous predators, and a weird hermit who’s taken up residence in the ruined shrine to the east of town. from talking to people at camp you can determine the following

- Hundreds of years ago reclusive priests of Nethys, the god of magic, built a monastery in the
nearby hills where they could study forgotten and dangerous magics. The shrine has been abandoned and ruined for centuries.

- The Refuge of the All-Seeing Eye, as it was known, was built in a place where the breath of Nethys was said to seep from the ground, inspiring all who drew near with visions from the god of magic.

- priests of Nethys study the dualistic nature of magic. The upper floor of
their temples was devoted to magic’s protective and creative aspects, while a hidden lower floor protected secrets of destructive magic.

From what Niem can tell you he is a strange man that is quiet and helpful at one moment then Angry and twitchy the next. he may seemed helpful but he sold me to the gnolls before i could finnish my supper.

Death of a hero

The death of a friend has touched us all. he was a hero to many of us and a faithful companion. we shall miss you but never forget you.

moving forward we have two missions set before us. Almah and Garavel want to explore the last of the lower level area of the city

also Bobby’s new character has a request for the team that has Almah interest but is up to you guys to explore.

Hello Beasty

Packing up for is ride to glory, sir dolfa wasn’t as quiet as he wanted to be. Sacul noticed him leaving. “where are you going?” Asked the druid.
“hunting, for large sand creatures.” Replied dolfa,not taking his eyes off the dunes in the horizon.
Mounting his faithful steed apollo,he set off for his prize,or his doom.
Eventually he found the beast. Approaching slowly, the beast knew he was there. Seconds later the creature appeared, like a shark charging in water it came fast.
“Now is the time!” Sir dolfa charged into the fray. He connected hard with his lance. Then the beast was gone. Waiting, scanning, preparing but nothing came. Suddenly apollo lost his footing. The creature was below him. Sucking apollo down into its vicious maw.
This was it, he had to summon his courage and face this thing. Jumping off the horse and down into the open mouth all sir dolfa said was " Hello beasty"

As he fell into darkness, he jolted up out of his bed. Just a dream? Or a vision of things to come. Perhaps it was something more, a sign that no one person is as strong without his friends. Renewing his faith of his companions, sir dolfa waited there return.

Revenge of the Pugwampi!!
AKA: Return of the Pug

when you return, Almah and Garavel requests a report on your finding. What kind of beast was there and did you encounter anything else?

Also that night a pugwampi hunting party returned to the monastery. nobody knows where they are but a series of bad luck has been happening everywhere. everyone has been hunting them and they got one but there are still some in the monastery somewhere.

First time in
dont get too excited

you guys get back from your trip and as a group let Almah know that it was a success and was able to kill 5 gnolls.

she seemed very happy at this and determined tomorrow would be the first time that we enter the town and see whats in the first few buildings. especially the one with the unknown beast.

you three are to take one more person and go into town and explorer just past the bridge then come back.

good luck

What now?

After everyone is settled in to their rooms. Almah gets everyone together in the library. She lays down the plan to strip away the gnolls with waves of attacks over many days rather then a frontal assault. as she talks she keeps looking to Garavel for reassurance that she is saying this correct. the first thing we need to do is determine their strength she picks four of the mercenaries that have the most skill in stealth. the team included: Dashki, Jaali, Merisiel, Asiya, and Paelatus. They are to head to Kelmarane and determine anything they might be able to exploit. at the same time we need to send a scouting party to head south east towards the trade route and then north following the road up to the river then reverse the route back to camp. The gnolls at Kelmarane are known to send units to the trade route to ambush traders. but we shall attack them. the gnolls are known only to send units of 4-6 so we are going take them out and blame the traders for hiring more guards. that way we can take some of their ranks out easily. for this we we will need: Garavel, Sacul, Saed, Dolfa, and Groam (half-orc cleric i havn’t created yet). Garavel will lead the way.

you will head out within the hour. Good luck everyone.

Monastery is all clear now
Xp and stuff

monsters defeated:
Pugwampis = 3 CR (200 Per player)
King Mokknokk = 3 CR (200 Per player)
Pugwampis with King = 1 CR (100 Per player)
Geier = 3 CR (200 Per player)
Stirges = 1.5 CR (125 Per Player)
Baboons = 2 CR (150 Per player)
Slime Molds = 1 CR (100 Per player)
Finnishing Monastery = 3 CR (200 Per player)
Total = 1275 XP Per player you guys need 725 each to level up

Small Breastplate
+1 Small Warhammer
Small Longbow (20 Arrows)
phylactery of faithfulness
ring of feather fall
chime of opening with four charges remaining,
Book Courts of Stone and Flame – worth 300gp +4 Knowledge towards Geniekind
Tempest Scimitar
+1 Flail
+1 Dagger
MW Leather Armor
Brooch of shielding
total money = 568 GP (selling all non magical items found)

Into the frey my friends
Or slip and fall then fall again

After proving Dashki innocent of the fire they were ordered by the princess to clear out the monastery. They headed into the monastery and immediately split up. While Sacul and Saed faught a vulture, brave Sir Dalfa tried to fight some pugwampis and comically failed. Tripping and falling over his own armor. the Pugwampis couldnt pierce his armor but niether did they try really. They were all killed off except for one that ran away


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