Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire (online)

Monastery is all clear now
Xp and stuff

monsters defeated:
Pugwampis = 3 CR (200 Per player)
King Mokknokk = 3 CR (200 Per player)
Pugwampis with King = 1 CR (100 Per player)
Geier = 3 CR (200 Per player)
Stirges = 1.5 CR (125 Per Player)
Baboons = 2 CR (150 Per player)
Slime Molds = 1 CR (100 Per player)
Finnishing Monastery = 3 CR (200 Per player)
Total = 1275 XP Per player you guys need 725 each to level up

Small Breastplate
+1 Small Warhammer
Small Longbow (20 Arrows)
phylactery of faithfulness
ring of feather fall
chime of opening with four charges remaining,
Book Courts of Stone and Flame – worth 300gp +4 Knowledge towards Geniekind
Tempest Scimitar
+1 Flail
+1 Dagger
MW Leather Armor
Brooch of shielding
total money = 568 GP (selling all non magical items found)

Into the frey my friends
Or slip and fall then fall again

After proving Dashki innocent of the fire they were ordered by the princess to clear out the monastery. They headed into the monastery and immediately split up. While Sacul and Saed faught a vulture, brave Sir Dalfa tried to fight some pugwampis and comically failed. Tripping and falling over his own armor. the Pugwampis couldnt pierce his armor but niether did they try really. They were all killed off except for one that ran away

An Investigation and a Goat

As our heroes settule into camp Garavel (aka Garven) summons them to meet Almah. They are escorted into the tent where the princess sits on her throne contempating the days events. Upon entering the heroes set aside thier weapons and talk to the princess. She tells them that she wants them to investigate the death of Eloais.

The Heroes set out and talk to everyone in the camp and find Dashki being the main suspect but have no proof of foul play when the caravan was on fire. They report back to everyone that Dashki wasnt near the caravan when the fire started but some foul play might of happened before he was in the caravan because when the fire started Eloais didnt jump out. People accused Dashki all the same and Dashki in turned blamed the Pugwampis that live in this area. Nobody knowing what he was talking about he was forced to prove that these creatures exsist and set out with the heroes right behind to find one and bring it back.

They tracked one into a massive Thorn bush with thorns up to 4 inches long. while the team bravely went in. Sir Dolfa Riech III paced outside on his war horse unable to find a way to enter with the horse.

having a sense of something bad is about to happen each hero started having bad luck. With the majority of falls and scrapes and tears of clothes going to the determined Dashki. While Sacul pet baby raptor happily jumped and ran around in the thorns with no harm to it. They came upon a dried up river bed and a goat tied to a large cactus. the goat was scared out of its mind. when they approached the goat a small creature jumped out and attacked.

This pugwampi attack viciously with its arrows the size of thorns around them as the so called heroes acted more like the three stooges trying to get it. the Raptor struck at it and the mighty pugwampi turn and fled right into a thorn and skewed itself. The bad luck aura disapating the heroes were able to gather their composure once again and take the goat and the dead pugwampi back to camp to prove the innocense of Dashki.

Fire at the oasis
An adventure begins

The heroes found Garavel at the Salty Seawitch tavern at the correct time as he relayed the need for adventurers to take back the town of Kelmarane. he offered 200 gold each and the right to keep whatever gear you find (with proper authorization from Almah). Garavel is the Domo-Major (AKA right hand man) to Merchant Princess Almah. Meeting each other for the first time they had no interest in socializing that night and quickly seperated once business was concluded.

Early in the morning they set out for an oasis called Sultan’s Claw. during the 8 hour trek across the desert they got to know each other and shared stories of their past. Paelatus kept quiet most of the time being unsocial.

once they came into view of the oasis a disasterious site took them

They rushed to the campsite and tried to help as much as they could. Sir Dolfa Riech III first tried to get the animals away from the fire but only seemed to scatter them more. Sacul the druid created water above the buring wagon but his splashes didnt seem to help much. Saed Bin Sevah helped move the other wagons away but the second one seemed to have one of its wheels stuck in the sand. With his mighty horse Dolfa was able to pull the wagon out of the hole and into safety. Paelatus was helping the sick beside a halfling. Then with Dolfa request Sacul easily rounded up the animals close to the water to keep them safe. and Saed Bin Sevah grabbed a shovel and started throwing sand ontop of the fire to help put it out. While the amount of sand he threw was impressive it wasnt thrown in the right places to help much.

once the fire was out and everything was under control again, a beautiful yet agitated woman called Garavel over to speak with him in private. The heroes decided to start unloading their gear as the halflings Hadrah and Hadrod showed them to their tents.

Feel free to make any comments below on what you do

Poster of Hiring

just outside the Salty Seawitch bar is a poster that states

‘Adventures needed for Expedition to Kelmarane
Good pay, All traveling expensises provided.
Combat ready only
Gnolls need not apply’
seek out Garavel Tonight at 7:30


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