Saed Bin Sevah

Chaotic Neutral, Human, Fighter from the southern nomad tribes, former Duskwalker Agent


ST 15

DEX 18

CON 14

INT 12

WIS 12


HP 76

AC 25 (Dex +4, Mithril Chainmail +2, Ring of Protection +2)

*Weapons: *

Greatsword 2 Keen (2D6 +7 Damage 17-20 Crit, X2 (13 to Hit First, +8 to Hit Second)

Power Attack: +10 to Hit Damage: +15 (Remember Cleave!)

Chakram 1D8 3 Crit X2 Range: 30ft (12 to Hit)


Fortitude: 8

Reflex: 6

Will: 3


Climb: +6

Craft Armor: +5

Intimidate: +6

Kn Dungeoneering: +6

Kn Engineering: +6

Kn History: +4

Ride: +9

Perception: +10

Survive: +6

Swim: +6

Diplomacy +2

Craft….something….: +5


Common, Halfling


Desert Dweller: Fire Resistance 5 source dealing fire damage 5 or less, +2 Con Starve or Thirst non-lethal damage.

Power Attack: -2 (+9 to Hit First, +4 to Hit Second) +13 Damage

Cleave: If you hit an opponent, extra attack towards a diffrent opponent. When you use this feat, you take a –2 penalty to your Armor Class until your next turn.

Great Cleave

Cleaving Finish: If kill opponent get another attack against adjacent opponent.

Weapon Focus Great Sword: +1 to Hit

Weapon Focus Chakram: +1 to Hit

Weapon Specialization Great Sword +2 Damage

Dodge: +1 AC


Duskwalker Agent: Double starting gold. 10% discount on starting equipment. 10% favor sell/buy in Nightstalls.

Desert Child: +4 Trait Bonus against effects of being in hot conditions. +1 saving throws against fire effects.


Saed bin Sevah

Human Male, Fighter

Age: 26

Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 189 lbs.

Hair: Black, cut short

Skin: Darkly tanned

Eyes: Brown


Saed bin Sevah was born to the nomad tribe of the Clearwater oasis in southern Katapesh, in the rocky deserts that border Nex. He quickly learned how to survive in the harsh lands and to endure the blazing sun. Heat that would kill other men in hours is merely a discomfort to Saed. His father taught him to ride horse and camel well, in the tradition of the nomads, and to fight with all manner of weapons. Saed grew to be a strong and capable man.

At nights Saed would sit and listen to the tales of his people, and of their travels. Most of all he was fascinated by tales of the great cities, of which he had never seen. One day he learned that a party from his tribe were to go to the great city of Katapesh and he volunteered to accompany them so that he might see it.

When he arrived he was amazed by the sights and sounds of the city. The massive walls like mountains casting shadows over hundreds of homes and tall buildings set so close to one another, creating labrynthine alleyways. The smell of exotic spices, perfumes, roasting meat, animal dung, piss, sweat and blood. The calls of merchants and hawkers, whores and brawlers, soldiers and scoundrels. It was not long before he wondered away from his party his eyes widely drinking in all around him.

After a time Saed found himself in a place called the NightStalls. The people here seemed rougher, the streets dirtier, the shadows darker. After a while he stoppe and stood across the street from a brothel his eyes fixed on the women there. Women with painted faces, half naked and unashamed! He did not notice that men had come up behind him and surrounded him until it was to late.

Three of them attacked him from all sides. Two grabbing his arms as a third stepped from out of the shadows, a dagger held in a clawlike hand, ready to plunge into his trunk. Saed kicked his leg out and slammed his foot into the face of the attacker holding the dagger. The man dropped to his knees and grabbed his face, his nose broke and pouring blood. Saed dropped his foot down from the kick forward of his position and leaned back lifting his left leg in a side kick to the robber on the other side snapping the mans knee. The man fell and lay back on the ground clutching his knee. Saed raised the arm still being held by the last of the attackers and spun towards him. His free hand snapped the mans windpipe quickly followed by an open hand strike to his chest knocking him backwards. Saed then unsheathed the great sword on his back and spun slicing the head from the attacker on his knees, swept the sword upwards and down stabbing into the chest of the robber laying on his back, and then pivoted and cleaved his sword through the last attackers skull. The body fell limply to the ground in a wash of blood.

Saed held the sword before him and turned his head quickly scanning for more threats. From out of the shadows a halfling stepped forward with his arms held up, palms open, placating. He explained that he had seen the fight and was impressed with Saed’s skill and ferocity. They spent the night in a tavern conversing. The halfling explained that he was a member of the Duskwalkers, a guild of fighters and rogues that were responsible for policing and guarding all trade in the Nightstalls. The halfling regailed Saed with tales of fights, wealth, women, and adventure. He offered Saed a place in the Duskwalkers, and after saying his farewells to his Clearwater kinsman, he accepted.

Saed worked as a Duskwalker for some years, earning a reputation as a man to be respected, even feared. He enjoyed many pleasures, survived many dangers, and earned quite a bit of gold. Though after a time he began to miss the land of his youth and to wonder about what other places he might see, what other adventures he might have, and how much gold he might make in the process.


Saed is Chaotic Neutral.

He is motivated by adventure, gaining reputation, aquiring wealth and helping his friends.

Saed is an opportunist and a pragmatist. The ends justify the means, usually.

He does not pray to any gods or have much use for religion but certainly does not wish to anger the gods or get tangled up in the affairs of their worshippers.

Saed will harm or kill for his advantage but is not without morality. He will not betray his friends nor harm the innocent if he can help it. He will not kill women or children unless they are an overt threat to himself, his friends or his employers. And even if pushed to do so would find the task distasteful.

Saed is quite fond of horses and will not allow them to be mistreated in his presense.

His attitude towards slavery is typical for the Katapesh region. Slaves are simply property. The taking, buying and selling of slaves is just a part of life.

Saed is cautious and tries to approach any situation with forethought. (Except when he is extremely rash and rushes into situations without thinking.)

Saed is currently in a “relationship” with the prostitute known as “Dirty Molly” (because of her constant cursing, however his friends all insist its for her numerous STD’s)

Saed loves to carouse in taverns, drinking, bragging, gambling, harassing the serving women and getting into fights.

Attitude Toward Friends:

Bill: Bill is Saed’s best friend. They agree on most things and compliment each other well. Bill helps to keep Saed from going to far when he gets rowdy, and Saed pulls Bill out of trouble when his overconfidence in his skills gets him in tough situations. They have both saved each others lives on more than one occasion.

Sacul: At first Saed didn’t think much of the Druid Sacul. He thought his views on things were odd and inpractical. Saed enjoys antagonizing Sacul but over time has seen him grow in power and has learned to respect and appreciate his companion.

Clamps: Saed accepts that Clamps is a part of the group, and is useful in combat, but otherwise thinks of it as a giant disgusting bug he would rather avoid being to close too.

Niem: Saed appreciates Niem’s sense of humor and good naturedness, as well as his inspiring battle songs and unwavering posture in combat. He is sometimes at odds with Niem’s more honor-bound way of thinking but accepts that they simply don’t always agree, and Saed will grudgingly admit that Niem is right from time to time.

Mad Mardigan: Saed thinks Mad Mardigan is a bit uncouth and ignorant but he greatly respects his fierceness in battle and his courage. He has been awed by the man’s capacity to inflict damage on more than one occasion. “Mad Mardigan brings the pain.”

Saed Bin Sevah

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