Champion of the Light, Defender of the weak, Hero of good.....


Level 7 Paladin (Warrior of the Holy Light)
S 18
D 14
C 16
I 12
W 12
C 16
Weapons: + 2 Holy Morningstar + 11/ + 7 (1D8+6), Dagger + 9, + 1 Heavy Crossbow + 9
Armor: +2 Chainmail, +1 Heavy Shield, Ring of Protection + 2 AC 25
I: + 3
F: +11
R: +7
W: +10

Traits: Indomitable Faith (+ 1 Will), Veteran of Battle (+ 1 I, during a surprise round, you may a draw a weapon as a free action)
Feats: Weapon Focus (Morningstar), Dazzling Display, Charge of the Righteous (no negitives when charging undead or demons)
Special Ability: Channel Energy 3 times per day (+1D6 Healing range 30, effects all living creatures)
Languages: Common, Celestrial
Hit Points: 63
Heal +11
Knowledge (Religion) +11
Knowledge (Planes) +11
Sense motive +11

Aura of good
Detect Evil
Smite Evil: 3/day – +3 to hit, + 7 damage, + 3 AC, until target is dead
Divine Grace: +3 Savings throws
Lay on Hands: 6 times a day heal 3D6, or deals 3D6 damage to undead
Aura of Curage +4 vs undead, Paladin immune to fear
devine health: immune to disease
Mercy: removes Shaken and Diseased add to lay on hands
Channel Positive energy: channel 2D6, Using this ability consumes two uses of her lay on hands ability

Power of Faith (Su)
At 4th level, the warrior of the holy light gains one additional use of her lay on hands ability per day. She gains one additional use of lay on hands per day for every four levels she attains beyond 4th. She can spend a use of her lay on hands ability to call upon the power of her faith as a standard action. This causes a nimbus of light to emanate from the warrior of the holy light in a 30-foot radius. All allies in this area (including the warrior of the holy light) receive a +1 morale bonus to AC and on attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws against fear as long as they remain in the area of light. This power lasts for 1 minute.

Divine Bond – At 5th level, this spirit grants the weapon a +1 enhancement bonus. For every three levels beyond 5th, the weapon gains another +1 enhancement bonus, to a maximum of +6 at 20th level.



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