Mad Mardigan

Wanders the region looking for the biggest challenge and the best to test his might. Hunting the Monsters of the world that are too big for the normal man.


Lvl 7 Human Barbarian(Titan Mauler)


STR: 15 +2 19 +4
DEX 16 +3
CON 16 +3 20 +5
INT 9 -1
Wis 10 0
CHA 9 -1

HP : 95 rage:111

AC 17= 10+3+3+1 (Rage -2)

BAB: 8/3
MELEE : 10/5 rage(12/7)
RANGE: 10 10

FORT +10
REF +5
WILL +2/ +4 rage

Craft{weapon) +6
Climb + 5
Intimidate +9
Perception +11
Survival +9
Swim +8

1 Runeforged Frost Greataxe
To Hit: +12/7 rage(14/9)
Dmg: 1d12
6+1d6 frost (rage 1d12+8+1d6)
Crit: x3
Power attack: 14/7 (1d12+15+1d6)
Death or Glory/Power Attack: 17 (1d1219+1d6) (2 Powerful Blow)(2d6 Bane)
Vital Strike: (2d12) Crit: (4d12)
Bane Vs. (Fire) subtype, or Evoker wizards.
Special: Grants wielder fire resistance 5

To Hit: 7
Dmg: 1d8
Power Attack: 4 (1d88)

Wurm Tooth Dagger
To Hit: 10 Rage:12
Dmg: 1d4+2 Rage :1d4+4 (6 for power attack) (1d4 for vital strike)

Power attack
Furious Focus
Weapon focus (greataxe)
Death or Glory
Vital strike (double damage. One attack a round. Can be combined with Power Attack, and Death or Glory. only damage dice are doubled.)

Rage Powers
Powerful blow- +2 dmg
quick reflexes- 1 Extra Attack of Opportunity
Lesser Fiend Totem- Gain Gore attack
Superstition: +4 morale bonus to resist spells(all spells)

Rage (21 rounds)
Big Game Hunter- +1 attack/ +1 ac vs creatures larger than barbarian
Rage Powers
Jotungrip- Can wield appropriate sized 2-handed weapons in one hand
Massive Weapons: 2 to the penalty for using larger weapons
Evade Reach: one target, chosen, gets minus 5ft to reach space vs barbarian
DR 1

River fighter

Runeforged Greataxe
Wurm tooth Dagger
Wooden Armor
Shiney rocks (money)
Ring of Proc +1


“Noone so far has bested me. No one has come close. Not the Gnoll King, or the Tenticled Beast, or the hundreds of beasts in the wild. Death or glory is my goal. Which every comes first, but I will not go down very easy. Its easier to stop a tidal wave.”
The larger the creature, the more rage Mad Mardigan gains. Hunting the monsters of enormous size, Mad Mardigan plans to use there bones and hides as weapons for the next kill. He wants to be known as the “Titan Hunter.”

Mad Mardigan

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