Fighter 6

S 14
D 18
C 12
I 14
W 10
C 10

Weapons + 2 Composite Longbow (+ 2) + 13/+ 8 to hit,+ 6 Damage, + 1 Longsword + 9/+ 4, Dagger + 8 / + 3
Armor: + 2 Mitheral Breastplate (agile), Ring of Protection + 1 , AC 23
CMB: + 8
CMD: 22
Traits: Killer (crit + 3), Imperial Soldier (Regional-Molthune )

Feats: Weapon Focus(Longbow), Point Blank Shot, Percise Shot, deadly aim (-1 to hit, + 2 to damage), Weapon Specialty (longbow), Rapid Shot (+ 1 attack. –2 penalty when using Rapid Shot, Full round attack only), Bullseye shot (Spend a move action to gain a +4 bonus to next ranged attack before end of your turn.)

Special Ability: Low-Light Vision, Elven Immunities(magic sleep effects ,+ 2 Vs enchantment spells and effects.)Perception + 2, Archer: (hawkeye: + 2 Perception, + 10 Distance with bow) Trick Shot: Disarm (attempt disarm at – 4 to CMB), Expert Archer (+ 1 attack and damage with bows)

Languages: Elven, Common, Gnoll, Orc

Saves: Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +2
Hit Points: 52

Heal +9
Perception +8
Profession: Soldier +5
Survival +8
Craft: Fletching +6

Magic items: Cloak of protection (+ 1 to all saves)


Elven Archer that acts very regal and is mostly quiet and solemn

He talks about being a soldier in a foreign land. he was an elite archer for a fort that fell and his nation believes he is dead. he admits that he is a deserter but if he goes back his family will be treated worse. by deserting he is seen as falling bravely in battle. If he brings honor in this nation he might be able to go home. at least he hopes this is true.

With his family brought to the city of Kelmarane. Paeatus is now the acting captain of the guards. he helps bring order to the outlaying city. he is very happy with his place in life right now.


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