Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire (online)

The Hermit and a horse

Few understand the mysteries of the All-Seeing Eye, for their path is one of madness. Worshiping
Nethys, a god driven to court destruction by his own dire knowledge, the priests skirt insanity as
they pierce the veils of ignorance sheltering humanity from secrets the mind cannot fathom. Even
the sect’s patriarchs cannot truly understand the depths of their god’s desires, nor do they wish to. They leave such questions to the Nethysian Seers, prophets driven to gibbering dementia by the
visions burned into their minds. To unlock the inner depths of magic is to risk one’s soul.
—The Lore Scrolls of Muayid’im

Tales of strange happenings, ravenous predators, and a weird hermit who’s taken up residence in the ruined shrine to the east of town. from talking to people at camp you can determine the following

- Hundreds of years ago reclusive priests of Nethys, the god of magic, built a monastery in the
nearby hills where they could study forgotten and dangerous magics. The shrine has been abandoned and ruined for centuries.

- The Refuge of the All-Seeing Eye, as it was known, was built in a place where the breath of Nethys was said to seep from the ground, inspiring all who drew near with visions from the god of magic.

- priests of Nethys study the dualistic nature of magic. The upper floor of
their temples was devoted to magic’s protective and creative aspects, while a hidden lower floor protected secrets of destructive magic.

From what Niem can tell you he is a strange man that is quiet and helpful at one moment then Angry and twitchy the next. he may seemed helpful but he sold me to the gnolls before i could finnish my supper.


Now you see why it is dire we go. That lunatic has my horse. Oh and he is a danger to us yes, but he has my horse

The Hermit and a horse

this seems rather dangerous

The Hermit and a horse

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