Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire (online)

Sacul what are you doing with that halfling in your mouth

the problem with wereleopards

with the town safe there was much celibrating at the Battle dome (now called thunder dome). Music and dancing and a little bit more behind closed doors. after a few days Almah started giving tasks to people to start organizing clean up and rebuild the city. Garvel left for Ketapesh the next day to bring workers and traders for the new ciry. it was easily seen that Kelmarane will be a glorious city once more. you three decide to stay here in town and help rebuild it. you are placed in charge of rebuilding the hotel next to the bridge into town. Also Almah tells you to keep a watchful eye on Undrella for she is still not trusted, yet she has kept her word.

a week goes by as your days are filled with organizing guards (in Garvels absent) and helping carpenters when possible. When the full moon arives Sacul has terrible dreams and a deadly Leopard is seen throughout the town causing chaos it killed 2 halflings before it ran off into the desert.

Sacul awoke in the middle of the desert throwing up what looks like chunks of beef and blood. having no idea what happened last night he wanders back into town with nothing but scraps of clothes. You find that everyone of importance has gathered in Thunder Dome, Sacul after getting some clothes back at the hotel, approaches and is quicky aprehended. Before Saed or Niem could say anything, Almah sends him away to jail. Saed and Niem plead with Almah and a deal is struck. They are to leave town and not come back until they prove that Sacul has been cured of his affliction. The three heroes are escorted out of town but not before they were able to gather their belongings and not before Zasroran was able to give Sacul some potions to hold off the change. Garvel meeting them on the otherside of the bridge shakes Saed’s hand and gives him a note in the process. you feel the stares at your back and the shame in your gut as you walk away.

after walking for about 100 yards Saed reads the note out loud.

“Seek Mehriban at the temple of Sarenrae for she may be your only hope”


awww but i’m such a cute lycan yes i am yes i am ohhhh so cute


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