Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire (online)

Revenge of the Pugwampi!!

AKA: Return of the Pug

when you return, Almah and Garavel requests a report on your finding. What kind of beast was there and did you encounter anything else?

Also that night a pugwampi hunting party returned to the monastery. nobody knows where they are but a series of bad luck has been happening everywhere. everyone has been hunting them and they got one but there are still some in the monastery somewhere.


Noticing that all to familer feeling of bad luck..sir dolfa scours the lower floorl ooking for the foul creatures hoping one day to clense the land of their existance FOREVER… His final solution for the pugwampi’s

Revenge of the Pugwampi!!

Saed lets Almah know that the group discovered some sort of creature burrowing around under the ground in the Pesh fields and advises that anyone going to the city not move through that area. He also tells her about the Harpie living in the building near the bridge, lets her know that she might barter a deal between Almah and the….those guys, uhh….smugglers I think in the city. Lets her know about the key/keys we got from the Harpie. Lets her know we killed the beast that the scouts spoted. "It was a great winged livey-shadowey beast with big teeth and scary hair….and it swooped it did! Swooped and attacked with its shadow and the druid pee’d himself he was so scared, and we all hit it and hit it until Sir Dolfa layed the whammy on it and it tumbled into the water and died…it was all like “oh man I just got whammied UHHHH GGGHGHGHGHGH UHHGGGGHHH splash splash DEAD.”
Then I tell her about the cool ring I found and make sure she understands its MINE, MINE you hear me!!!

Then I tell her about the giant worm thing and that we almost didnt survive but then we did and it was awesome and stuff.

THEN I tell her about Sir Dolfa and the Harpie. Basically I just say that Sir Dolfa has a special influence with the Harpie. Though I do this with a lot of winking.

THEN I go with Sir Dolfa to kill pugwampis!!

Revenge of the Pugwampi!!

Sir dolfa after hearing the epic report from saed…. Explain to almah that I intend to get rid of the worm in the pesh fields

Revenge of the Pugwampi!!

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