Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire (online)

Hello Beasty

Packing up for is ride to glory, sir dolfa wasn’t as quiet as he wanted to be. Sacul noticed him leaving. “where are you going?” Asked the druid.
“hunting, for large sand creatures.” Replied dolfa,not taking his eyes off the dunes in the horizon.
Mounting his faithful steed apollo,he set off for his prize,or his doom.
Eventually he found the beast. Approaching slowly, the beast knew he was there. Seconds later the creature appeared, like a shark charging in water it came fast.
“Now is the time!” Sir dolfa charged into the fray. He connected hard with his lance. Then the beast was gone. Waiting, scanning, preparing but nothing came. Suddenly apollo lost his footing. The creature was below him. Sucking apollo down into its vicious maw.
This was it, he had to summon his courage and face this thing. Jumping off the horse and down into the open mouth all sir dolfa said was " Hello beasty"

As he fell into darkness, he jolted up out of his bed. Just a dream? Or a vision of things to come. Perhaps it was something more, a sign that no one person is as strong without his friends. Renewing his faith of his companions, sir dolfa waited there return.


Was the blackness death or just bad luck brought on by pugwampi’s? Decide sir dolfa’s fate

Hello Beasty

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