Pathfinder: Legacy of Fire (online)

First time in

dont get too excited

you guys get back from your trip and as a group let Almah know that it was a success and was able to kill 5 gnolls.

she seemed very happy at this and determined tomorrow would be the first time that we enter the town and see whats in the first few buildings. especially the one with the unknown beast.

you three are to take one more person and go into town and explorer just past the bridge then come back.

good luck


I think we should take someone sneaky then be support for that person.

First time in

“Wait wait not so fast my lady….there are other places to explore… gather more information on our enemy. There is the old shrine, some one mentioned a hermit living there…maybe he know more about the gnolls….or the fort..maytbe they have a garrison there we sould take out first so they don’t call in reinforcments.”

First time in

you mentioned taking out small groups of them before we attacked…we only took out one..hardly enough to call that substantial casualties.

First time in

You talk to Garavel and he tells you that we need to find out what that beast is in the front of the city. if you can destroy it. we dont want any surprises when we attack. as for the Hermit, lets do some more research into the area first and then determine if its worth our time to head in there. we can send a couple of people out there to scout that area.

First time in

“Sounds like a plan…but i don’t like this sneaky idea..not at all.”

First time in

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